Gynita CalEPO PLUS Softgel

What is CalEPO Plus?

Evening primrose oil and calcium are 2 popular dietary supplements taking by many women. CalEPO Plus is formulated as liquid calcium + vitamin D3 in evening primrose oil base, effectively to reduce intake of multiple capsules / tablet per dose to 1 capsule only.

Each soft gel capsule of CalEPO Plus contains:

Calcium                                                                             300mg

Vitamin D3                                                                          300IU

Evening primrose oil (10% GLA)                                           700mg

Source of soft gel: Fish

It is well recognized that evening primrose oil (gamma linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid for the skin with clinical experiences as well as many studies confirming the beneficial effect of EPO on the skin.

Calcium is a dietary supplement for bone health. Vitamin D3 is added for efficient absorption of calcium.

Why CalEPO Plus?

To enhance the absorption of calcium, vitamin D3 is the important factor. However, vitamin D3 is oil soluble; and the oily or solid states of this vitamin does not mix properly with or dissolve in water, thus poorly absorbed and gone to waste unknowingly.

CalEPO Plus is formulated in soft gel capsule form to enhance the absorption of calcium and EPO,

  1. Vitamin D3 is dissolved, and calcium is mixing, in evening primrose oil; then this oily mixture is put into soft gel capsule.
  2. Emulsifying agents is added in to enhance the breaking down of oily mixture into droplets to mix with gastric juice (water) in stomach once they are release from soft gel capsule.
  3. Then bile emulsification to break down balance oily extracts into droplets.

Therefore, combined emulsifying effect of both emulsifier and bile ensuring higher amount of oily mixture being breaking down into droplets for mixing with water, increasing the surface area where water-soluble lipase can work on to digest for better absorption.

When evening primrose oil absorption improved, it also increases the absorption of vitamin D3 in it as well, thus, making the absorption of calcium more efficiently. It is well documented emulsifying formulation is proven to enhance absorption.

Who are recommended to take CalEPO Plus?

Those who wish to maintain healthy skin and bone with convenient dosage.

Those who wish to maintain healthy skin.

Those who wish to maintain healthy bone.

Recommended dosage:

Adult: 1 softgel capsule 3 times daily with meal or as recommended by doctor or pharmacist.


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