Gynita NatureCare Grape Seed Extract Plus EPO Softgel Capsule

What is Grape seed extract plus EPO?

Grape seed extract plus EPO is the combination of grape seed extract (GSE) and evening primrose oil (EPO), 2 herbs with skin beautifying effect.

Each soft gel capsule of DermaGlow contains:

Grape seed extract (95% proanthocyanidin)                          150mg

Evening primrose oil (10% GLA)                                           650mg

Source of soft gel: Bovine

It is well recognized that evening primrose oil (gamma linoleic acid) is an essential fatty acid for the skin with clinical experiences as well as many studies confirming the beneficial effect of EPO on the skin. [1]

Extensive research suggests that GSE is beneficial to skin because of its antioxidant effect to bond with collagen, maintaining skin youthfulness, elasticity, and firmness.

Grape seed extract with its active ingredient oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) is suggested be effective to,

  • protect skin damage by UV and free radical. (3)
  • improve skin hydration. (4)

Why Grape seed extract plus EPO?

Grape seed extract is oil soluble herb; and the oily or solid states of this herb does not mix properly with or dissolve in water, thus poorly absorbed and gone to waste unknowingly.

Grape seed extract plus EPO is formulated in soft gel capsule form to enhance the absorption of GSE and EPO,

  1. Grape seed extract is mixing in evening primrose oil, then put the oily extracts into soft gel capsule.
  2. Emulsifying agents is added in to enhance the breaking down of oily extracts into droplets to mix with gastric juice (water) in stomach once they are release from soft gel capsule.
  3. Then bile emulsification to break down balance oily extracts into droplets.

Therefore, combined emulsifying effect of both emulsifier and bile ensuring higher amount of oily extracts being breaking down into droplets for mixing with water, increasing the surface area where water-soluble lipase can work on to digest for better absorption. It is well documented emulsifying formulation is proven to enhance absorption.

Who are recommended to take Grape seed extract plus EPO?

Those who wish to maintain healthy skin.

Recommended dosage:

Adult: 1 softgel capsule 2 times daily after meal or as recommended by doctor or pharmacist.


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